Senior Women's League


The ALTA Women's Senior Doubles League is open to women 45 years of age and older and plays during the Summer season. Each Women's Senior season lasts seven weeks plus two rounds of playoffs that lead to the City Championship at each playing level.

Teams are formed through individual effort at public facilities, neighborhood courts, and private clubs. Playing levels include, from advanced to novice, AA, A, B, and C. Within each level, there are up to 9 flights.

The prior year performance of the team and previous levels of its players determine placement within the levels and flights. Individual players' levels are determined by their prior Women's Senior level or their Thursday or Sunday Women's level if no Senior level exists. The many levels of competition help assure players are matched against pairs of comparable ability and allows for a highly competitive match and fun tennis environment.



Robert Jewett
Senior Leagues Vice President

Tel: (770) 399-5788 ext. 128
Seasons: Summer
Format: 4 Doubles
Day Played: Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Age: At least 45 years of age within the calendar year.
Team: Team roster must be submitted with a minimum of 10 players.

Please refer to General Rules - Adult Leagues I. F.1 and F.2 to see who must play at the AA level and who must play at the B level or higher.



2015 Summer Calendar

  DateDayEvent NameEvent Description
23-Mar-2015 Monday Roster entry Begin entering Senior Women's rosters Monday, March 23
13-Apr-2015 Monday Roster deadline Rosters due Monday, April 13
18-Apr-2015 Saturday Corrections deadline All corrections must be made by this date
18-Apr-2015 Saturday Late roster deadline Late rosters will be accepted on line with a $50 late fee April 14- April 18
16-May-2015 Saturday Captains' meeting Saturday, May 16 at 10 am in the ALTA office
17-May-2015 Sunday Add-ons Begin add-ons. You may add up to 6 players to your roster from this date throughout the season but they must meet the level/flight requirements for the level at which your spring team has been placed and must be added before midnight of the day before the match is to be played.
28-May-2015 Thursday 1st day of play Begin Senior Women May 28
09-Jul-2015 Thursday Last day of play Last regular season match July 9
16-Jul-2015 Thursday Playoffs 1st round - Thursday, July 16 (rain date July 18)
19-Jul-2015 Sunday Playoffs If needed (rain date day-to-day)
23-Jul-2015 Thursday Playoffs 2nd round - Thursday, July 23(rain date July 25)
01-Aug-2015 Saturday Finals City Finals Saturday, August 1 - played at 5 p.m. -- (rain date August 6 - played at 6:30 p.m.) - AAs and A levels at Blackburn TC; B and C levels at DeKalb TC