Congratulations on making the playoffs! This is a time to celebrate, but it is also a time to pay special attention to your lineups. It’s a good idea to confirm player availability again for all playoff match dates and City Finals. (Now is not the time to find out your line 1 players have a cruise on the calendar.) Remember, your coordinator is a seasoned ALTA volunteer and will be your best resource as you continue your march toward City Finals. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!


Search by league to see the draw sheets at any level flight. The system waits to show the home team designation until both teams for the specific playoff match are identified.

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2021SpringJunior Boys10C-3
2021SpringJunior Boys10C-5
2021SpringJunior Boys12C-1
2021SpringJunior Boys12C-3
2021SpringJunior Boys12C-5
2021SpringJunior Boys15B-1
2021SpringJunior Boys15C-1
2021SpringJunior Boys15C-3
2021SpringJunior Boys15C-4
2021SpringJunior Boys18A-1

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