Scheduled strategically between seasons, players of all levels can take advantage of round-robin mixers in the offseason. Mixers are social in nature and meant to be fun! For the past year, ALTA has been hosting several pickleball mixers across Atlanta as we prepare to launch the league this summer. See more information below about the next upcoming event.



ALTA is pleased to announce the Cinco de Mayo Pickleball Mixer on May 5. The event will be held at Windward Lake Club from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. There will be prizes, appetizers, drinks, and plenty of pickleball action. The cost for this event is $30.00 You must also be an ALTA member (tennis or pickleball) to participate in this event and be 21 or over. This event is not for beginners. Scroll down to Mixer Entry Sign-Up >Click on Sign-up in Member Portal>Choose Mixer>Select the Cinco de Mayo Pickleball Mixer and enter your information. 


Marla Michalewicz
Events and Tournaments Vice President
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