Scheduled strategically between seasons, players of all levels can take advantage of round-robin mixers in the offseason. Mixers are social in nature and meant to be fun! Grab your favorite partner and sign up as soon as registration opens because space is limited. Each player must be a member of ALTA, so take care of that now by joining today by clicking the Join ALTA button below. There is a $20 registration fee for each team, which is in additional to the annual membership. In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified at noon by email/text the day of the mixer, and a refund will be given to each team.




Please continue to monitor this page and our home page for updates to the ALTA mixers. We are in the process of revamping and possibly reformatting these round robin tournaments and will soon roll out plans for 2022.

These mixers are open to all current ALTA Members 18 and older. Registration for a doubles team is $20 and can be made by clicking the SignUp button below. Match play will be organized by ALTA level (A, B and C) and a round-robin format will be employed. This is a social mixer with snacks, drinks, and awards. In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified at noon by email/text the day of the mixer and a refund will be given to each team.  Entries will be limited, so sign up early. Questions should be sent to specialprogramsvp@altatennis.org.

Marla Michalewicz
Events and Tournaments Vice President
(770) 399-5788 Ext. 124

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ALTA Documents

Need ALTA information? You're in the right place for rules, handbooks, guides and season packets that will answer questions and provide necessary instructions for playing ALTA tennis. Document availability is role-based. If you are a captain or other team leader, you will have access to more information than a regular member to help you do your job. ALTA follows the USTA Rules of Tennis found in Friend at Court. You should also consult ALTA's rules for specific guidelines concerning league play and other ALTA-sponsored events. Those rules provide information on ALTA-specific regulations, such as default, forfeiture, retirement, scheduled match, sandbagging, inclement weather, rules specific to each league, Senior Leagues, Junior Leagues and Junior Challenge Ladder.

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Mixer Entry Sign-Up

All Mixer participants must be ALTA members first. If you (or the participant) have never been an ALTA member please sign up and choose membership for the year of the mixer that interests you...