Ladders & Mixers

ALTA offers junior and adult tennis opportunities outside of league play. The Junior Challenge Ladder is designed to teach, promote and develop good conduct and sportsmanship while providing advanced singles competition for tournament level junior players. The ladder has a tournament assistance program to help offset tournament entry fees for those who qualify and an awards program to give players an opportunity to earn recognition for their accomplishments and achievements. Adult mixers held between league seasons are a fun way for adults to play with their partner of choice. They consist of a round-robin format at A, B and C levels of play. Mixers are social in nature and offer door prizes, snacks, drinks and awards. They are a fun way to play against different competition and keep your skills sharp heading in to the upcoming league season.

Ladders & Mixers

Junior Challenge Ladder

The ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder is a special tennis program to promote singles competition for the serious junior player. The JCL runs one 14-week season starting in August and ending in December. You can find this year’s dates online in the ALTA calendar and in each issue of Net News.


Players at all levels can hone their skills by competing in mixers throughout the year. Each round-robin tournament is divided into competition groups based on the pair's current ALTA league levels. You and your partner will play against opponents of a similar level to yours, from A to C, and vie for the chance to bring home a coveted ball trophy.

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