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Need ALTA information? You're in the right place for rules, handbooks, guides and season packets that will answer questions and provide necessary instructions for playing ALTA tennis. Document availability is role-based. If you are a captain or other team leader, you will have access to more information than a regular member to help you do your job. ALTA follows the USTA Rules of Tennis found in Friend at Court. You should also consult ALTA's rules for specific guidelines concerning league play and other ALTA-sponsored events. Those rules provide information on ALTA-specific regulations, such as default, forfeiture, retirement, scheduled match, sandbagging, inclement weather, rules specific to each league, Senior Leagues, Junior Leagues and Junior Challenge Ladder.

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Member Documents
  • Bylaws 2018

  • 2020 Keith Wood Scholarship Application

  • Foundation 2020 Grant

  • Adult Match Scorecard

  • Senior Day Match Scorecard

  • Senior Match Scorecard

  • 10-Point Tiebreak Instructions

  • Adult league Rules

  • COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Adult Captain / Manager Handbook

  • Junior Leagues Captain Handbook

  • Captain Meeting Presentation

  • Junior Manager Meeting Presentation

  • Adding A player to Your Roster

  • Roster Entry and Edit

  • Scorecard Entry Instructions

  • 2019/2020 Qualifying Tournaments

  • Challenge Ladder Rules and Procedures

  • Overview of the Junior Challenge Ladder - 2020 Kickoff Presentation

  • Rules and Instructions for use of Tennis Rungs

  • Tournament Assistance Rules and Procedures

  • W-9 Form - include with assistance application

  • 2020 Fall Junior Boys Roster information packet

  • 2020 Fall Junior Girls Roster Information Packet

  • 2020 Junior Leagues Captain/ Team Manager Handbook

  • 2020 Junior Rules

  • Junior Age Guidelines

  • Junior ALTA 10 & Under

    Click on link to left to download the 2011 USTA 10 & Under Tennis (Quick Start) Line & Conversion Grant form (W-9 Form included).

  • Junior ALTA 18 & under Formats and Score Conversions

  • Junior Boys Scorecard

  • Junior COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Junior Girls Scorecard

  • Junior Manager Meeting Presentation

  • Junior Playoff Procedures and Rules

  • Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form

  • Adult Playoff Procedures

  • Blank Tracking Sheet

  • league placement

  • Adult Playoff Procedures

  • 2021 Senior Mixed Winter League

  • 2021 Spring Sunday Women Roster Registration packet

  • 2021 Winter Mixed Doubles league

  • Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form

  • Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form

  • Tournament Information

  • 2020 Friend at Court

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