Run 'n Roll League


The ALTA Run 'n Roll Tennis League is made up of men and women 18 years of age and older and plays during the Summer season out of a centrally located tennis facility. Each season lasts seven weeks ending in a City Champions 


The number of teams and number of lines played per team varies depending on how many players are playing during any given season.

An able-bodied player and a wheelchair player are matched against another able-bodied/wheelchair pair of comparable ability.  The wheelchair players are entitled to two bounces while the able-bodied players get one bounce.  These matches present a competitive and fun tennis environment.







Bob Kohmescher
Special Programs Vice President

Tel: (770) 399-5788 ext. 130





All doubles/one able-bodied and one wheelchair player vs the same.

Day Played:

Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. at Hudlow TC


18 and over


Comprised of all levels



2019 Summer Calendar

  DateDayEvent NameEvent Description
14-May-2019 Tuesday Captains' Meeting Captains' meeting May 14, 2019
28-May-2019 Tuesday Play begins Play begins May 28, 2019
09-Jul-2019 Tuesday Play ends Last regular match for the Run 'n Roll league
16-Jul-2019 Tuesday City Finals Finals scheduled for July 16, 2019(rain date 7/23/2019)