Junior Tennis Leagues

ALTA offers exciting year-round league play at all levels of competition. Each league's season lasts seven weeks ending in a series of playoffs, which lead to the City Championship at each playing level. Teams are formed through individual effort at public facilities, neighborhood courts, and private clubs.

Any group of players meeting the minimum number of players required for the league in which they want to play may enter as a team by guaranteeing two, ALTA approved, playable courts with lights and bathroom facilities as "home courts" and by contacting the ALTA office for a roster/rules packet, which will include all the instructions for entering a team for the current season. ALTA accepts rosters from new and existing teams, matches teams of similar abilities and provides schedules of play for a given season.

Any individual may join ALTA by completing a new application and paying the current annual membership fee of $10. The membership form is only completed by new members who have not previously received an ALTA number.