Pickleball League

ALTA launched our first pickleball league in July, 2023, with over 4,000 members. Now the fun continues. We have two seasons scheduled for 2024. Competition will last 7 weeks with the top teams from each playing level advancing to the playoffs and then to City Finals. Start planning now to gather your friends and neighbors to create a team with a minimum of 5 men and 5 women. Entering rosters, captains should request a playing level that reflects the team’s pickleball playing ability. ALTA will make final team placements as needed. Teams must guarantee a minimum of two ALTA-approved courts with lights and bathroom facilities for home matches, just like ALTA’s requirements for tennis play. Come see what all the buzz is about the newly popular sport with the funny name. We’re hooked and hope to see you on the courts soon - the pickleball courts that is!

Pickleball League

Court Requirements

ALTA will consider the following courts if the surfaces are safe (no large cracks or other hazards): Dedicated pickleball courts - painted or taped lines; Modified tennis courts - painted or taped pickleball lines with portable nets; Modified tennis courts - painted or taped pickleball lines with existing tennis nets, lowered 2”; Indoor or outdoor; All surfaces, except clay. Courts must meet the specifications defined by the USA Pickleball Association. For current ALTA facilities, registration of pickleball courts will be done utilizing the existing facility number.

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