Adult Tennis Leagues

ALTA offers exciting year-round league play for all competitive levels. Each league will compete in one or more of four seasons, and each season will last 7 weeks. Top teams from each playing level will advance to a series of playoffs ending at the City Championship. Teams are formed by individual members and must meet the requirements for the league in which they want to play. These requirements will specify the gender (if not mixed) and a minimum number of players on the roster. Teams must also guarantee a minimum of two ALTA-approved courts with lights and bathroom facilities for home matches. Leagues (below) When and with whom do you want to play? Because you have lots of options. You can play with your husband or you can play with your college roommate. Better still, you can do both. Are you part polar bear? Then join a league that plays in the winter season. At ALTA, we have a league that meets your needs. Select a league for more information.

Adult Leagues

Tennis Leagues

Explore these options to learn more about the specifics of each league, including gender, age, format, season, what time and day of week matches are played and other information that helps each team enjoy a fun, successful season.

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