FAQ Scorecards


  1. Finding a scorecard requires membership in ALTA and being connected to a specific team
  2. Log > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Scorecards.
  3. Switch teams if you are taken to the wrong team and then select the scorecard for the appropriate match. Click the print icon.
  4. For past scorecards, go to My Rosters & New/Reinstate > My Rosters > Schedule. Clicking on a match will reveal the scorecard.
  5. You may also print a blank scorecard from ALTA Documents.
  6. Sign cards at the end of the match
  7. Partial scorecards may be saved.
  8. When complete, click Check Box to submit.
  1. Adult League - members of adult teams - players, captains or co-captains, roster creators or designees
  2. Junior League - team managers or co-managers, roster creators or designees  
  3. Office staff
  4. League VPs
  5. Coordinators
  6. First VP
  7. Overall Coordinators

Partial scorecards may be saved.  When complete, click Check Box to submit.

  1. After 24 hours, both captains get a reminder  
  2. If scorecard has been entered but not approved, the approving side gets a reminder
  3. After 48 hours, if the scorecard is entered but not approved, it is auto-approved and coordinator is notified
  4. After 48 hours, if the scorecard is still missing, the coordinator is notified
  1. In order for a scorecard to be disputed or approved it must have been submitted by the opposing team
  2. You must also be either a member of the team that played, an office staff member, a league vp, coordinator, or overall coordinator
  3. Once you reach the scorecard you would like to dispute or approve, the scorecard will be shown as read-only except for a section to enter reviewer comments and a section to approve or dispute
  4. You may then save your selection
  • The original scorecard cannot be changed after it is saved
  • Coordinators need to be notified of mistaken scorecard entries within 10 days of the match in question  
  • Coordinators can adjust the scorecard after verifying the issue(s)
  • A modified scorecard will be shown first when viewing the scorecard for that particular match


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