FAQ Player Information


  1. Log > Member Portal > Members & Memberships > Member Search
  2. Identify the player you are looking for
  3. Select Play History to the left of their name
  1. Your roster's assigned level/flight is where the team is placed at the beginning of the season
  2. The final level/flight is given to the roster based on their performance during the season
  3. Each team member carries this team rating forward
  4. ALTA does not give players individual ratings
  1. To find a team on which to play, on the Home Page use the hamburger menu and click on Find Players and Teams.
  2. Choose the Teams Looking for Players and filter as desired.
  3. You can also click on Players Looking for Teams and list yourself to be contacted.
  4. This allows a secure way to make contact and find a team.
  1. In order to view a member's ALTA number, you must be an ALTA member.
  2. Log in > Member Portal > Members & Memberships > Member Search.
  3. Search and see the member's ALTA number.


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