FAQ Player Information


Log in > Member Portal > Members & Memberships > Member Search

-Identify the player you are looking for

-Select Play History to the left of their name

-Your roster's Assigned LF is where the team is placed at the beginning of the season

-The Final LF is given to the roster based on the team's performance during the season

-Each team member carries this team rating forward

-ALTA does not give players individual ratings

-Use the hamburger menu on the Home Page to Find Players and/or Teams

-Choose Teams Looking for Players to list your team and let members know you need players

-In Teams Looking for Players, members can contact these teams as interested

-Choose the Players Looking for Teams and list yourself to be contacted

In Players Looking for Teams, captains can look for players to possibly join their teams

-This allows a secure way to make contact, and find players and teams

-In order to view a member's ALTA number, you must be an ALTA member

-Log in > Member Portal > Members & Memberships > Member Search

-Search and see member ALTA numbers


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