FAQ My Active Teams


-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Availability  

-Team players enter their availability for each match and use the Save button to save their entries  

-Team Leaders may enter availability for any team member and for themselves

-Total available players for the match are shown and divided by male and female depending on the league 

-The system does not allow availability entry after match scorecards have been entered  

-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Schedule & Lineup > Lineup

-Only team leaders can create and edit the lineup

-Anyone connected to the team can click the Lineup link to see the lineup once it has been published

-Coordinators cannot see team lineups

-The lineup can be a work in progress using Save Draft, or can be completed using Check Lineup and then Publish lineup to send emails to the team

-A published lineup will populate the match scorecard.

-Captains select players for the various lines from the drop-down that is sorted by player availability

-For mixed teams, the player dropdown will show just men or just women to select for each line in a pair

-Match date and time can be adjusted using the calendar link for the date and the green clock at the bottom for the time

-Date or time changes here are reflected in the publish emails to the team  

-Date changes are carried to the scorecard when the lineup is published.   

-The Check Lineup button will show errors for things like the player's add date and suspensions (eligibility to play), and must be corrected to publish a lineup

-Warnings will be given for movement issues, sandbagging issues, and defaults

-The system needs to be able to tell by date that the match being checked is the next in line and that all previous matches are coordinator approved

-Lineups published with warnings will show those warnings in the publish lineup emails and record them in the system log  

-If a lineup needs to be changed after it is published, team leaders may make the change(s) and Publish again which will send emails to the team and update the match scorecard  

-Playoff lineups will validate pairs using player values and include the coordinator in the publish emails

-There is a link to the Tracking Sheet from the Lineup checker for leaders to review system warnings

-Player confirmation for the match will show on their schedule and will replace the question mark to the left of their name on the Lineup screen  

-Home matches come with the ability to enter food assignments  

-If food is needed for an away match, there is a box at the top of the screen that can be checked to activate that ability

-Once the scorecard has been entered, the lineup screen for that match is no longer editable

-If last-minute lineup changes are not entered into the lineup screen, your scorecard can reflect those changes without matching the lineup checker 

-There is no requirement to use the lineup checker through the regular season.

-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Leader Preferences 

-Leaders have the choice to assign food by line or from a list

-If by line is selected, based on the league, the number of players/lines are shown for each to have a set assignment  

-If by list, create and save a list that will show from the drop down on the lineup screen  

For example: 




Paper goods

Dessert and bananas

-If you are assigning food to team members who are not playing, please use the comment box at the bottom of the Lineup page for the team to see when the lineup is published

-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Schedule & Lineup

-The new version of the team schedule shows opposing teams that are clickable to open the accordion with match information

-Individual player and food assignments for the match show on the schedule after the lineup has been published

-Players confirm their place in the lineup by opening the accordion on the schedule and confirming, or going to the lineup screen and clicking the question mark by their name and confirming or confirming from the publish email  

-Team Leaders who have approved to show their email address to opposing team leaders will have their email addresses showing on the schedule when the accordion is opened 

-The printer icon on this page will print the schedule version from the old site   

-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Dashboard

-Team information shows in this area from the point the season schedules are released

-If a player is on more than one team in a season, the Switch Teams button will allow switching between the teams

-A default view can be set to see 3 upcoming matches in one league or to see all your teams upcoming matches in date order  

-Teams, where members are a Designee only, will show with an orange band in lieu of the green band  

-An abbreviated version of Division Standings shows team totals once your team has a schedule 

-Team leader information is displayed to the team and Coordinator information is displayed to the Team Leaders  

-If a lineup is published for the team, players may confirm directly from the email that is sent from the ALTA website  

-Players may also Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Schedule & Lineup > Click on the opposing team name or their match assignment on the schedule for an accordion to open > use the buttons to confirm or decline for a match  

-When players confirm or decline to play, team leaders get an email  

-Players may confirm directly on the Lineup screen by clicking on the "?" and then the buttons to accept or decline to play in the match  

-Captains may click the "?" for any players to confirm their spot in the lineup

-Log in > Member Portal > My Active Teams > Schedule & Lineup > Lineup

-Only team leaders have rights to create a match lineup

-After selecting Check Lineup and handling any errors or warnings, a lineup can be published to send an email to the entire team

-Correcting a lineup already published requires republishing to send a revised lineup to the entire team

-Changes are shown in red

-Positions with changes if previously confirmed require a new confirmation 

-Only matches finished early, ahead of another scheduled match will change the order of tracking

-Playing some lines early, but finishing the match on the originally scheduled date does not change the order of tracking for any lines in that match

-Matches rained out of the originally scheduled date are tracked on the scheduled date



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