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All Mixer participants must be ALTA members first. If you (or the participant) have never been an ALTA member please sign up Here.
All participants must have a membership that is paid and current for the year of the Mixer.
Participants cannot be suspended from Mixer Play.
A valid birth date and email address in the member's profile is required.

Please see any related Mixer documents Here.



Sunday November 4th

Bitsy Grant Tennis Center 1-4 PM

The mixer is open to all A, B and C level current ALTA members who are 45 years of age and over. 

Registration for a doubles team is $20 and can be made at

Match play will be organized by ALTA level and a round robin format will be employed. 

This is a social mixer with door prizes, snacks, drinks and awards. 

In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified at noon by email/text the day of the mixer and a refund will be given to each team. 

This will be a great way to end the Fall Season.  Registration deadline is October 26th.

Entry will be limited to 30 teams.

Questions should be sent to

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