Play takes place on ALTA-approved tennis courts around the Atlanta metropolitan area. Two lighted courts of the same surface are required for team play. Facilities with two courts may submit up to two teams in a single league; facilities with four courts may submit up to four teams in a single league; and so on. Computer scheduling rotates the home and away match assignments so when at home, teams have at least two courts for match play. Public restroom facilities must be accessible year-round and available during all ALTA matches. They must be located no more than 300 feet walking distance from the court surface. After a facility is approved, teams may be submitted during roster entry for the various leagues. It is only when there is a complaint about the facility or the facility has not submitted rosters in three years that a reinspection is required.


Find a Facility

Search “Find a Facility” to locate a potential team to join or to get directions to your match. Sort facilities by zip code and see teams of various levels if you are trying to find a team. For general facility information, including the number of courts and the facility address, search and select a team to review. New Google Maps will show facility locations.

Request New Facility

Facilities new to ALTA must be inspected and meet criteria for approval. An ALTA Executive Committee member will visit the requested facility to be sure it can be approved for league play. The facility must be completed and ready for inspection before submitting application. Please allow 30 days for the approval process to be complete.

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