About ALTA

The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of tennis for recreation and physical fitness and is pledged to maintain the rules of play and high standard of sportsmanship. The primary function of ALTA is scheduling league play for adult teams and junior teams in the five-county metro area. A facility annexation program was developed in 1988 to include qualifying facilities in counties adjacent to the metro counties. ALTA is affiliated with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) through membership in the Southern Tennis Association (STA) and abides by the USTA rules of tennis and code of play. Volunteer officers comprise the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee who in turn direct over 200 league coordinators and a paid office staff of four people. ALTA publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Net News.

About ALTA

ALTA Membership

Our members come from all corners of the Atlanta area and from all demographics. We think our diversity is our biggest asset. When you become a member, you get access to one year of competitive team tennis through any one of thirteen leagues. Friendships are formed, recipes are exchanged, all while improving your tennis skills. The tennis may be year-round, but the camaraderie never ends.
An adult membership is $30, and a junior membership is $15.

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Our ALTA volunteers have two things in common—they love tennis and they love ALTA. Coordinators, Overall Coordinators and Vice Presidents assist team leaders and facilitate league play. They will answer your questions, arbitrate misunderstandings, and assign playing levels to thousands of teams. Vice Presidents and other officers, under the leadership of the ALTA President, sit on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee establishes rules and procedures for the leagues and standards of conduct for the members. The Board of Directors oversees the business end of ALTA. ALTA would not be ALTA without our volunteers!

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ALTA History

The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association has been a registered tennis organization since 1934. During those early days, the association of about 50 members focused on promoting tournaments and junior tennis programs. In 1971, ALTA changed its format to league tennis, and Atlantans loved it. Over the next five decades the membership grew to over 80,000 members including 13 leagues and a Junior Challenge Ladder. The ALTA Foundation became the charitable arm of the organization.

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ALTA Executive Committee

City Finals Player

Chequetta Allen

2024 President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 109

City Finals Player

Rita Maloof

2024 First Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 114

City Finals Player

Susan Levin



City Finals Player

Keri Beck


City Finals Player

Greg McAfee

Men's League Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 116

City Finals Player

Loretta Phillips

Sunday Women's League Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 117

City Finals Player

Siobhan Schaeffer

Thursday Women's League Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 118

City Finals Player

Wendy Fee

Junior Leagues Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 119

City Finals Player

Joan Marcinko

Senior Day Leagues Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 120

City Finals Player

Seth Appelbaum

Senior Leagues Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 121

City Finals Player

David Rowe

Mixed Doubles League Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 122

City Finals Player

Jerry Niemeyer

Pickleball League Vice President


(770)-399-5788 ext. 127

City Finals Player

Gina Woods

Junior Challenge Ladder Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 123

City Finals Player

Mark LaRotonda

Special Programs Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 124

City Finals Player

Marla Michalewicz

Events and Tournaments Vice President


(770) 399-5788 ext. 125

City Finals Player

Karen Harris

Foundation Secretary


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Net News & ALTA Merchandise

Tennis in Atlanta is more than a sport; it’s a way of life for more than 80,000 ALTA members. ALTA is the largest city tennis league in the world, and Net News is the only way to reach all of these people. As ALTA’s publication, Net News is how the ALTA members stay informed about the leagues, and it’s where they turn to for information on new tennis gear, tennis gifts, resort getaways, camps and tennis instructional tips. With an average household income of $138,000, members buy new homes, second homes, automobiles, jewelry as well as tennis products. ALTA has become a lifestyle that transcends tennis and the social aspect is what makes the organization (and the Net News reader) unique. Net News is published six times per year and is a glossy color magazine mailed directly to every member home. It has been said that Net News is the best local tennis publication in the world. It is certainly the largest locally distributed tennis magazine in the world!

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Net News

As ALTA’s publication, Net News is how the ALTA members stay informed about the leagues, and it’s where they turn to for information on new tennis gear, tennis gifts, resort getaways, camps and tennis instructional tips.

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ALTA Merchandise

CF Designs (clothing, City Finals merchandise and custom ALTA logo court fence signs) is the official licensee of Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association merchandise. Please visit www.cityfinals.net to purchase official ALTA merchandise. ALTA logo merchandise is available through this website only. To order. your City Championship photo, visit: https://majestickphotography.shootproof.com

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