ALTA Calendar
January - December 2018

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DateDayEvent NameEvent
01-JanMondayAll Spring LeaguesRoster registration begins
01-JanMondayOffice ClosedNew Year's Day Holiday
03-JanWednesdayJunior Challenge LadderTournament Assistance Application Form available for 2017 Ladder participants
06-JanSaturdaySenior MixedWinter play begins
07-JanSundayMixed DoublesWinter play begins
08-JanMondayNet News DeadlineNet News deadline
15-JanMondayOffice ClosedMartin Luther King Day
22-JanMondayMen's Doubles & Women's Doubles TournamentsSpring Mixer registration opens
22-JanMondayAll Spring LeaguesRoster registration ends
17-FebSaturdaySenior MixedWinter play ends
18-FebSundayMixed DoublesWinter play ends
20-FebTuesdayWheelchairSpring captains' meeting
24-FebSaturdayMixed DoublesWinter playoffs (rain date 2-25)
24-FebSaturdayAll Spring LeaguesSpring captains' meetings
24-FebSaturdaySenior MixedWinter playoffs (rain date 2-25)
25-FebSundayMixed DoublesWinter playoffs (rain date 3-3)
25-FebSundaySenior MixedWinter playoffs (rain date-first clear evening)
25-FebSundayMen's Doubles & Women's Doubles TournamentsSpring Mixer registration ends
28-FebWednesdayAll Summer LeaguesSummer 2018 roster information emails sent
03-MarSaturdayMixed DoublesWinter playoffs and finals for AA (rain date 3-4)
03-MarSaturdaySenior MixedCity Finals (rain date 3/4)
04-MarSundayWomen's Doubles TournamentSpring Mixer - Women's Doubles
06-MarTuesdayWheelchairSpring play begins
10-MarSaturdayMixed DoublesWinter finals A, B, and C (rain date 3-11)
10-MarSaturdayJuniorsSpring play begins
11-MarSundayMen's Doubles TournamentSpring Mixer - Men's Doubles
12-MarMondayNet News DeadlineNet News deadline
13-MarTuesdaySenior Day WomenSpring play begins
14-MarWednesdaySenior Day MenSpring play begins
15-MarThursdayThursday WomanSpring play begins
17-MarSaturdayMenSpring play begins
18-MarSundaySunday WomenSpring play begins
19-MarMondayAll Summer LeaguesRoster registration begins
09-AprMondayAll Summer LeaguesRoster registration ends
10-AprTuesdayWheelchairSpring play ends
17-AprTuesdayWheelchairSpring finals (rain date 4-24)
21-AprSaturdayJuniorsSpring play ends
24-AprTuesdaySenior Day WomenSpring play ends
25-AprWednesdaySenior Day MenSpring play ends
26-AprThursdayThursday WomenSpring play ends
28-AprSaturdayMenSpring play ends
28-AprSaturdayJuniorsSpring playoffs (rain date 5-1)
29-AprSundaySunday WomenSpring play ends
30-AprMondaySenior Day WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-2)
01-MayTuesdayThursday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-3)
02-MayWednesdaySenior Day MenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-4)
03-MayThursdayThursday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-8)
03-MayThursdayJuniorsFall roster information emails sent to Junior League managers
05-MaySaturdaySunday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-6)
05-MaySaturdayMenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-6)
05-MaySaturdayJuniorsSpring finals (rain date 5-6)
05-MaySaturdayJuniorsSpring playoffs (rain date 5-8)
06-MaySundayMenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-12)
06-MaySundaySunday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-12)
07-MayMondaySenior Day WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-9)
07-MayMondayNet News DeadlineNet News deadline
08-MayTuesdayThursday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-10)
09-MayWednesdaySenior Day MenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-11)
10-MayThursdayThursday WomenSpring finals for AA, A, B & C (rain date 5-17)
12-MaySaturdayMenSpring playoffs and finals for AA (rain date 5-13)
12-MaySaturdaySunday WomenSpring finals for AA (rain date 5-13)
12-MaySaturdayJuniorsSpring finals (rain date 5-13)
13-MaySundaySunday WomenSpring playoffs (rain date 5-15)
14-MayMondaySenior Day WomenSpring finals (rain date 5-21)
15-MayTuesdayRun 'n RollCaptains' meeting
16-MayWednesdaySenior Day MenSpring finals (rain date 5-23)
19-MaySaturdayAll Summer LeaguesCaptains' meetings
19-MaySaturdayMenSpring finals for levels A, B and C (rain date 5-26)
20-MaySundaySunday WomenSpring finals for A, B and C (rain date 5-27)
21-MayMondayAll Fall LeaguesFall 2018 roster information emails sent
28-MayMondayOffice ClosedMemorial Day
29-MayTuesdayRun 'n RollPlay begins
31-MayThursdaySenior WomenSummer play begins
01-JunFridaySenior MenSummer play begins
02-JunSaturdayMixed DoublesSummer play begins
11-JunMondayAll Fall LeaguesRoster registration begins
20-JunWednesdayMixed Doubles TournamentSummer Mixer registration opens
04-JulWednesdayOffice ClosedIndependence Day
06-JulFridayAll Fall LeaguesRoster registration ends
09-JulMondayNet News DeadlineNet News deadline
10-JulTuesdayRun 'n RollPlay ends
12-JulThursdaySenior WomenSummer play ends
13-JulFridaySenior MenSummer play ends
14-JulSaturdayMixed DoublesSummer play ends
17-JulTuesdayRun 'n RollCity Finals (rain date 7-24)
19-JulThursdaySenior WomenSummer playoffs (rain date 7-21)
20-JulFridaySenior MenSummer playoffs (rain date 7-22)
21-JulSaturdayMixed DoublesSummer playoffs (rain date 7-22)
22-JulSundayMixed DoublesSummer playoffs (rain date 7-28)
22-JulSundaySenior WomenSummer playoffs (if needed) (rain date day-to-day)
22-JulSundaySenior MenSummer playoffs (if needed) (rain date day-to-day)
23-JulMondayJunior Challenge LadderOnline registration begins
26-JulThursdaySenior WomenSummer playoffs (rain date 7-28)
27-JulFridaySenior MenSummer playoffs (rain date 7-29)
28-JulSaturdayMixed DoublesSummer playoffs (rain date 7-29) and finals for AA (rain date 7-29)
03-AugFridayMixed Doubles TournamentSummer Mixer registration ends
04-AugSaturdaySenior WomenSummer finals (rain date 8-11)
04-AugSaturdayMixed DoublesSummer finals for A, B, and C (rain date 8-05)
05-AugSundaySenior MenSummer finals (rain date 8-12)
12-AugSundayMixed Doubles TournamentSummer Mixer - Mixed Doubles
14-AugTuesdayWheelchairFall captains' meeting
18-AugSaturdayAll Fall LeaguesCaptains' meetings
24-AugFridayJunior Challenge LadderOnline registration ends
26-AugSundayJunior Challenge LadderMember orientation and kickoff party; 3-5 p.m.; Sandy Springs TC
27-AugMondayJunior Challenge LadderLadder opens
03-SepMondayOffice ClosedLabor Day
04-SepTuesdayWheelchairFall play begins
04-SepTuesdaySenior Day WomenFall play begins
04-SepTuesdayAll Winter LeaguesWinter 2019 roster information emails sent
05-SepWednesdaySenior Day MenFall play begins
06-SepThursdayThursday WomenFall play begins
08-SepSaturdayMenFall play begins
08-SepSaturdayJuniorsFall play begins
09-SepSundaySunday WomenFall play begins
10-SepMondayNet News DeadlineNet News deadline
12-SepWednesdaySenior Mixed Doubles TournamentFall Mixer registration opens
24-SepMondayJunior Challenge LadderTournament assistance application deadline - 2017 Ladder participants
24-SepMondayAll Winter LeaguesRoster registration begins
09-OctTuesdayWheelchairFall play ends
16-OctTuesdayWheelchairFall City Finals (rain date 10-23)
16-OctTuesdaySenior Day WomenFall play ends
17-OctWednesdaySenior Day MenFall play ends
18-OctThursdayThursday WomenFall play ends
19-OctFridayAll Winter LeaguesRoster registration ends
20-OctSaturdayMenFall play ends
20-OctSaturdayJuniorsFall play ends
21-OctSundaySunday WomenFall play ends
22-OctMondaySenior Day WomenFall playoffs (rain date 10-24)
23-OctTuesdayThursday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 10-25)
24-OctWednesdaySenior Day MenFall playoffs (rain date 10-26)
25-OctThursdayThursday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 10-30)
26-OctFridaySenior Mixed Doubles TournamentFall Mixer registration ends
27-OctSaturdaySunday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 10-28)
27-OctSaturdayJuniorsFall playoffs (rain date 10-30)
27-OctSaturdayMenFall playoffs (rain date 10-28)
28-OctSundayMenFall playoffs (rain date 11-3)
28-OctSundaySunday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 11-3)
29-OctMondaySenior Day WomenFall Playoffs (rain date 10-31)
30-OctTuesdayThursday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 11-1)
31-OctWednesdaySenior Day MenFall playoffs (rain date 11-2)
01-NovThursdayThursday WomenFall finals for all levels (rain date 11-8)
03-NovSaturdayMenFall playoffs (rain date 11-04) and City Finals for AA (rain date 11-04)
03-NovSaturdayJuniorsFall playoffs (rain date 11-6)
03-NovSaturdaySunday WomenFall finals for AA (rain date 11/4)
03-NovSaturdayJuniorsFall finals (rain date 11-4)
04-NovSundaySenior Mixed Doubles TournamentFall Mixer - Mixed Doubles
04-NovSundaySunday WomenFall playoffs (rain date 11-6)
05-NovMondaySenior Day WomenFall finals (rain date 11-12)
07-NovWednesdaySenior Day MenFall finals (rain date 11-14)
10-NovSaturdayMenFall finals for levels A, B and C (rain date 11-17)
10-NovSaturdayJuniorsFall finals (rain date 11-17)
11-NovSundaySunday WomenFall finals for A, B and C (rain date 11/18)
15-NovThursdayALTA Annual MeetingALTA Annual Meeting
22-NovThursdayOffice ClosedThanksgiving holiday
23-NovFridayOffice ClosedThanksgiving holiday
05-DecWednesdayAll Spring LeaguesSpring 2019 roster information emails sent
07-DecFridayJunior Challenge LadderLadder closes
08-DecSaturdayAll Winter LeaguesCaptains' meetings
09-DecSundayJunior Challenge LadderLadder banquet
24-DecMondayOffice ClosedChristmas holiday
25-DecTuesdayOffice ClosedChristmas holiday