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Tennis in Atlanta is more than a sport; it’s a way of life for more than 80,000 ALTA members. ALTA is the largest city tennis league in the world, and Net News is the only way to reach all of these people.

As ALTA’s publication, Net News is how the ALTA members stay informed about the leagues, and it’s where they turn to for information on new tennis gear, tennis gifts, resort getaways, camps and tennis instructional tips.

With an average household income of $138,000, members buy new homes, second homes, automobiles, jewelry as well as tennis products. ALTA has become a lifestyle that transcends tennis and the social aspect is what makes the organization (and the Net News reader) unique.

Net News is published six times per year and is a glossy color magazine mailed directly to every member home. It has been said that Net News is the best local tennis publication in the world. It is certainly the largest locally distributed tennis magazine in the world!. Click here to see the NetNews online.

To reach the ALTA members through advertising in Net News, please call John Hanna at 770-650-1102 x125 or email at